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Published Research

Do School Spending Cuts Matter? Evidence from the Great Recession (with C. Kirabo Jackson and Heyu Xiong). 2021. AEJ: Economic Policy.

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NBER Working Paper Available Here

The Costs of Cutting School Spending (with C. Kirabo Jackson and Heyu Xiong). Education Next.

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Working Papers

Decoupling Homes and Schools: Assessing the Impact of Forced School Choice on Residential Change

Abstract: Many school choice policies provide exit options from neighborhood schools, but still allow families to guarantee access to desirable neighborhood schools by living within the school boundaries. Alternatively, forced school choice more fully decouples homes and schools by removing default neighborhood school options. Here, I examine how one forced choice policy that merged neighborhood school boundaries into larger bundles of school options with no single default impacted residential change. I exploit the quasi-randomness of the timing of the policy change by comparing properties and neighborhoods that were zoned earlier to those that were zoned later, examining effects separately for homes that were decoupled from higher and lower rated schools. My results suggest that neighborhoods decoupled from higher-rated schools experience decreases in housing values, the share of white and college-educated residents, and median family income. Neighborhoods previously linked to lower rated schools experienced relatively little direct change from the policy. These results stand in contrast to past work examining the residential effects of other forms of schools choice that offer exit options.

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Selected Works in Progress

Property Taxes, Parcel Taxes, and Displacement

Exploring Heterogeneity in the Capitalization of School Characteristics into Housing Values

School-Level Spending & Neighborhood Property Wealth